How to find Singapore’s Nylon Coffee Roasters

Getting lost in the Everton Park housing estate to find a Singaporean coffee hero

For being such a bright star in the constellation of Singaporean coffee, Nylon Coffee Roasters is particularly tricky to find if you don’t know where to look. Wandering around the Everton Park housing estate uncertain how to find the address—4 Everton Park, #01-40; assumedly meaning the 40th unit on the 1st level of the 4th building in the complex—I realized that even the most popular online mapping tools serve as more of a general reference rather than a pinpoint.

The experience of attempting to find Nylon resurfaced memories of being in Singapore ten years ago. Back then, I met a friend for dinner, and we took the MTR to what felt like a distant subway station, then wandered into a housing complex and took a small elevator up several stories, only to step into a bustling vegetarian restaurant where we feasted on an absolutely delicious dinner. These kinds of not-entirely-hidden gems are what I’ve loved about Singapore since first visiting.

Use the Pinnacle@Duxton towers as a landmark

If you’re coming from any distance, including if you’re walking the 10-15 minutes it takes from the Tanjong Pagar MTR station, point yourself in the direction of the massive Pinnacle@Duxton towers. Not only are they the tallest public housing apartments in the world, but also they serve as a helpful landmark.


Once you’re close, the real search begins

The Everton Park housing complex has multiple adjoined buildings stretching down multiple streets. Building #4 is the one at the most southeastern corner, right along Cantonment Road.

If you find Maritime House and its bus stop, you’re almost there

Whereas Nylon is tucked away from the main street, you’ll be likely to first see the Maritime House. This condo unit also hosts the Singapore Mariners’ Club welcoming “seafarers of all nationalities” and features the Mariners’ Corner Restaurant. You’ll notice the faded coral and cream coloring of its exterior and several flags raised out front. The Maritime Hse bus stop sees the 75, 167, 196, and 781 buses deposit and collect passengers on their southward routes.


If you’re looking at the Maritime House with your back to the bus stop, follow the building all the way to your right, then begin to walk down the passageway of the adjacent housing complex.


As I noted in my post about coffee in this neighborhood, the exact spot where I expected to find Nylon was in fact a bustling food stall, itself tucked away under a portico. Don’t turn around. Even though it may appear that the only entrances ahead are for the housing units, keep walking past this restaurant, keeping it on your right-hand side.


As you continue to walk down this corridor, you’ll see a school and a playground, which may seem like an odd spot to expect locally roasted coffees, but you’re going the right direction.


You’re almost there, but be careful not to go too far. The only marker you’ll see is a wooden block stenciled with COF-FEE in white paint, all too easy to overlook beside a glass door.


If you mistakenly find yourself in front of Just Want Coffee or the Everton Food Centre hawker centre, you’re a block too far north above the correct side of the housing complex. Head eastward back to Cantonment Road for the entranceway above Maritime House.

Once you’re there, you’ll encounter delicious roasts, welcoming staff, and a beautiful layout:




Nylon Coffee Roasters
4 Everton Park, #01-40
(Google Maps / Burpple / Facebook / Foursquare / Instagram)

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